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Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Birds , the winged visitors at LaTigre Resort at Jim Corbett National Park ,are the most fascinating creatures that capture the hearts of guests with their flights of fantasy and vivacity as they fly high and low amidst the skies and profound valley, breaking the silence of the mammoth mountains, with their shrills and chirps ,gliding in boundless curiosity .The sky at dawn flooded with the spectrum of light invites a host of birds to explore its arena, their graceful flights, sharp movements, Impenetrable jargon leave the visitors spellbound. Bird watching has become an incredible source of entertainment at the resort .A keen observation renders a deep insight into the mystical world of these aviators. The sight of the green pigeons,orioles, goldenthrushes, brightcolored hornbills fill the heart with euphoria while the whistle of the thrushes chit chat of the babblers and screeching of the parakeets amuse the visitors with unbridled joy. The woodpeckers making loud raucous calls spend a great deal of time in chiseling the bark of trees attracting the visitors in this unique activity. The mellifluous singing of larks and the chorus of the cuckoo, as if beckoning its soul mate resonates in the serene valley engulfing the heart with love and passion. The covey of partridges is a common sight to behold, and a plethora of aerial creatures like the mynas, bulbul , tailorbirds, robins bias visit and nestle in the forest that envelop the resort. The peafowl with an ornate plumage is the much awaited winged visitor at the resort. A feeling of awe grips the heart when the mighty eagle suddenly usurps the sky revealing its pride and strength in its progressive flight, other birds of prey, the Indian Shikra, the Himalayan Vulture roosts in the thick dense forest. A variety of water birds like the grey herons, geese, sandpipers, white and black stork can occasionally be spotted, most of these birds are migratory. Winter is the best season to see these visitors! The Alpine swift with its strong pinions soars high, gliding to explore the fathomless skies. A variety of owls and night jars arouse the curiosity of the visitors with their regular hoots and shrills. The rich avifauna at LaTigre Resort at Jim Corbett National Park has made it a great bird watching destination .Ranging from the most famous, elegant, mighty birds to the simple unidentified birds hovering and flying over the dense dodging trees ,chirping in jubilation celebrating their existence ,there is much to learn from the world of birds, their sounds, flights and vibrant colors fill the world with love ,beauty and admiration ,their flight proclaiming freedom and liberation ,symbolizing the value of life , “Sky is the limit ,Fly high ,Life is Beautiful”

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