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The Premia Two Bedroom Villa latigre resort jim corbett national park



The scenic view of the lofty mountains, the dappled sky the meandering roads and the golden pathways leading to the LaTigre Resort grips the heart with an untamed fervor to explore the beauty and diversity of the jungle life. Nestled in the heart of the deep jungle the LaTigreLuxury Resort is one of its kind, enveloped by the lush green flora gleaming beneath the light of the azure sky ,an air of euphoria prevails in the resort, one of the best r luxury resort in Marchula.

LaTigre the Villa resort has an array of splendid villas designed with perfection offering comfort and facilities in galore making it a station for a perfect vacation. The happiness of a planned vacation here at the LaTigre resort extends and becomes more elaborate with a plethora of creative activities, attractive kids play area, indoor games , a mini library and the luxurious swimming pool adding to the fun and recreation of the visitors making LaTigre the best family friendly resort catering to the need and demands of the visitors from the  youngest  of its visitors to the elderly ones and also it  nurtures the especially abled ones by providing the wheel chair facility  keenly attending to the comforts  of  all its esteemed visitors.

LaTigre that ranks in top 10 luxury resort is the best pet friendly resort which is a great relief to the pet owners who can enjoy the happiness of the vacation in the company of their loving pets.The resort tends the pets with care , a great relaxation and satisfaction for the pet owners.

The mesmerizing  and breathtaking views of the resort, the magnificent set up and the provision of modern amenities has earned a great fame to the resort and the LaTigre resort has become a popular destination  for pre-wedding shoots, the natural charisma of the resort  surcharges the air with love and romanticism adding beautiful colours to the pre-wedding shoots making a beautiful start  in the journey of new beginning in life.

The wedding planners in Uttarakhand have been greatly attracted by the beauty of the place that compliments with the comforts and amenities and the exotic location all gels into a single word “Grandeur” making LaTigre an awesome spot for Destination Weddings creating a lifetime of beautiful memories amidst the natural setting and luxurious accommodation.

Celebrations and Jubilation's continue to  echo in the air at LaTigre resort “Thunder” the party hall roars with music, light and sound,setting a perfect mood for a grand celebration. “Thunder”, the party hall is the life line of all the celebrations adding to the charm and enthusiasm of the anniversary and birthday celebrations,the party hall creates an ambience of  delight and  euphoria the music the lights and the sumptuous feast in unison makes the celebration an unforgettable one, making LaTigre the best anniversary and the best birthday celebration resort.

LaTigre the luxury 2 bhk villa resort in Corbett is well designed and furnished with impressive interiors and immaculate setting and the provision of modern amenities keeping the guest a priority has made the resort the “Best Luxury” resort in  India.

LaTigre the riverside resort in Corbett lends a beautiful view of the Ramganga River flowing with cheer and life the river is a source of joy and relaxation to the beholder filling the heart with love and exuberance. The river view rooms at LaTigre Resort provide a scenic view of the river bubbling with cheer and activity  during the day and flowing in deep serenity  in the silence of night filling the heart with joy in abundance.

The Valley view rooms render a beautiful sight of the profound valley resonating with quaint noises of the jungle life. The Mountain view rooms at the LaTigre resort have a beautiful  sight to behold the lofty mountains standing high in glory seem to  beckon the visitors plunging the heart in to deep romanticism. The  quaint wilderness, romanticism and solitude that di and the kind of magical essence that diffuses in the air has  attracted many couples and newly married couples to this romantic spot, LaTigre the best couple resort vouches for a memorable stay to its couple guests.

The happiness of the stay is further magnified by the imposing swimming pool, the most attractive water feature buzzing with thrill, LaTigre the best swimming pool resort in Corbett is a hub of activity and fun especially for the kids, the clean water of the pool gleams under the shade of starry night and the beautiful sight of the pool at the dawn and the dusk is incredible. The rooms facing the swimming pool greet the visitors with fascinating views.

The rich Fauna and the lush green flora, the opulent avifauna at Corbett has attracted the visitors from all over the world and LaTigre the best wild life resort in Jim Corbett provides immense facilities to its visitors to explore the wild life, the royal Bengal tiger and the Asiatic elephants are the prime inhabitants while Sambar Barking deer, Cheetal ,Leopards and various species of birds  contribute to the jungle populace.The extensive species of birds and the diverse flora creates a mystical spell in the jungle,the habitat echoing with the bizarre roars and secret jargons remain concealed and unsung looking forward to attention and identification from its visitors. The “Jungle Safari” at LaTigre the best wild life resort gives an opportunity to the wild life enthusiasts and nature lovers to delve in to the secret life of  the jungle exploring and unraveling the secrets making the jungle safari  an exciting and thrilling adventure.

The LaTigre resort is a beautiful resort for the nature lovers, endowed with the bountiful nature, the picturesque view of the captivating mountains ,the verdant valley, the gleaming river, the starry nights, the dappled sky and the cool zephyr enchant and beckon the nature lovers to fall in descent obsession for the place the best resort for nature lovers.

The location of the resort and the diversity of nature renders great opportunities to the students worldwide for comprehensive study and keen observations  setting new pathways in the field of research and analysis. LaTigre resort encourages students for such valuable studies and accommodation and arrangements for students can be availed at the resort, one of the best student study resort.

LaTigre the eco friendly resort maintains the scenic beauty and  the greenery by making the resort clean and verdant, the use of plastic is restricted and the menu includes a platter of myriad local  cuisine of fresh veggies.The efficient waste management and a channelized use of water and electricity makes LaTigre the best eco friendly resort.

The LaTigre resort around 270 km from Delhi is one of the best luxury resort an ideal holiday destination and also the most wanted spot of the Corporate groups indeed the  “Bestow”-Conference Hall at the LaTigre resort is a great asset to the resort, away from the dust  and  din of the city life the corporate groups prefer to hold their meetings amidst the nature which is soothing to the heart and mind, meetings, discussions and launches with a peaceful mind bring forth fruitful results.

The Conference Hall-“Bestow” at LaTigre is equipped with the latest gadgets,  and an efficient light and sound system is the best Conference Hall in Marchula meeting all the requirements for a successful business deal and meetings. The LaTigre resort featuring a beautiful landscape, luxurious accommodation,  an imposing swimming pool, geared up with a massive conference hall, the rhythmic party hall, a network of facilities , a potpourri of multi-cuisine food, supported by warmth and hospitality has  become a favorite holiday destination.

The LaTigre resort has achieved a niche in the name of the popular resorts in Jim Corbett.


Embrace the lush wilderness of nature at Corbett National Park. Let your animal instinct run wild. Intermingle your spirits with the pristine creation of nature. Meditate. Set your soul free. Re-discover yourself. Walk the green earth where animals run free. Hear the roar of the tiger, watch the deers run free, see the birds fly past you.

How would you like to wake up in the morning?

To the breath taking views of Himalayas. to the gentle sound of the mighty Ramganga river. to the birds chirping by your window. to the excitement of spotting animals in the nearby Jim Corbett national park. looking forward to a relaxed and pampered day. Whatever your preference is, you will find it in our luxury villa resorts in the midst of Himalayas ~ LaTigre Give your stress a break and welcome your senses!

Come and have a wonderful time with us at LaTigre Luxury Villa Resort at Marchula, next to Jim Corbett National Park!

Jim Corbett National Park needs no introduction – a foremost ecotourism destination which attracts wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers and tourists all through the year. LaTigre luxury villa resort is located “5”kms from “Durga Devi Zone” gate of Jim Corbett National Park, in a quaint valley overlooking the mighty Ramganga river and surrounded by mountain ranges on all sides.

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