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Jungle Safari at Jim Corbett National Park.

The Jungle Safari at Jim Corbett National Park is the most exhilarating feature of the visit.

Safari as the name suggests a journey, an extraordinary journey in to the jungle exploring the natural habitat of wild animals discovering the mystical land of wild life.

The jungle Safari at Jim Corbett National Park is the most popular destination for those seeking adventure to discover and discern a little more about a life that exists in amore simpler yet sophisticated way very close to that of human beings. As the jeep plunges in to the dense lush green forest, with safety of the visitors ensured, a sense of wilderness prevails in the air, unsung concealed mysteries of the raw untamed life divulge spreading the charisma of its existence, defining its entity.

One can capture the most fascinating sights of the exotic birds ruffling their feathers, doing a jig, humming trying to communicate with the silence of the jungle, breaking it with a symphony of its sounds, the migratory birds beckon the visitors to capture their beauty in their cameras.

As the jeep penetrates deeper into the jungle, the cold winds that blow across the majestic mountains, the pristine blue sky the dense forest elevate the delight of the Safari, the mysterious world of the wild life becomes apparently visible, vibrant and significant respiting in solitude untouched by human interference claiming the superiority of the animal kingdom.

One can behold the sight of the Bengal Tigers which though coincidental, is not rare, the beauty of the jungle seems to beckon the beast to pose its mood with awe and pride.The spotting of the deer is the most captivating sight enriching the heart with beauty.

The trail of elephants as if embarking on a mission, fills the heart with reverence for the majestic tribe

The glee, the shouts, the shrieks, the curiosity associated with these amazing sights is a thrilling experience, a one of its kind.

An encounter with the wild boars goats and a plethora of wild animals that revel in the rich fauna, Unaware, present the most striking sights, a delightful feast to the eyes.

The Jungle Safari at Jim Corbett National Park, is a rendezvous with the Wildlife, witnessing one of the most beautiful journey, a mélange of awe, beauty and reverence, The most thrilling and delightful experience.

Gates available for Jungle Safari are Durgadevi, Dhangari, Garjia, Sitabani and Aamdanda.

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