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Jungle Walk @Jimcorbett

Give to me the life I love,

Let the lave go by me,

Give the jolly heaven above

And the by way nigh me.

These lines befit the place Jim Corbett National Park , ensconced amidst the mountains,

sequestered from the city life, Jim Corbett the name speaks itself of the tranquility and solitude that prevails here in the atmosphere.

The nature dances and sings cheering the heart with boundless happiness, a realization that the world is full of wonderful things and creatures that makes it bright and beautiful

The nature walk is full of liveliness witnessing the miniscule activities of the Nature that seems to communicate, play and allure in the spell of its magic.

A pall of mist envelops the morning sky, which makes the nature walk over the hillocks, through the golden pathways a happening event.

The view of the sunkissed mountains, the white clouds sailing across the blue sky, culminating, rising, disappearing forming various patterns on the canvas of the sky, brim the heart with intense beauty and admiration for the bountiful nature.

The breeze blows, rustling the leaves, kissing the flowers, enfolding the fragrance of the bloom and blossom, relaxing the heart and soul with deep comfortable breath.

The sights and sounds during the nature walk immerse the heart with love and beauty.

The place is a hub of butterflies, and these tiny creatures, fluttering their wings go crazy swirling round and round painting the world colorful.

The sight of the beautiful cottages, the curved pathways and ridges leading to these dwellings amidst the verdant greenery soothe the eyes and enthrall the heart

A ‘Haven of Birds’, the nature walk at Latigre Resort, Marchula, Jim Corbett National Park becomes a beautiful experience, the chirping, twittering of the winged creatures their’ flocks and flights’ creates a captivating view, the persistent call of the cuckoo, resonates in the air filling the atmosphere with romance and beauty.

The lush green trees, the’ flora and foliage’ that densely occupies the ardent place seem to whisper a gospel of peace and freedom.

The nature walk is a golden retreat, a spiritual renewal and mental rejuvenation.

Lets Explore Nature to the fullest!!!!

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