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Luxury Villas


14 Luxury Two Bedroom Villas - The Villa has two Bedrooms, Two Washrooms, Living Room With Sofa-Cum Bed, Sit Our Area, Ketchennet  and Fireplace.

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Nature Lover's Paradise!

The Best Place For Family Vacation, Couple Friendly, Pet  Owners Friendly, Corporate Group, Conferences, leisure groups, Weddings & Much More. 

Wedding Resort In Corbett



Weddings Planners Jim Corbett! 

Thinking of getting married soon? A destination wedding is a romantic party that brings together friends and family in a beautiful location.

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Explore Marchula the best place surrounding you. Visit Crocodile point, River Ramganga, Hill top temple, Jungle Safari & more

LaTigre Resort corbett


Enjoy a luxurious stay in the lush green environment of Corbett National Park with rich flora, exotic mixed shrubs, mango trees which add on to the lively picture of nature’s blessing. Early morning rays and chirping birds wake you up from your slumber in LaTigre Villa Resort, spacious yet cozy rooms. Every room has an adjoining balcony, where one can sit and enjoy the morning cup of coffee with singing birds and foraging deer. Live the luxury in divinity with our luxurious stay where comfort of the guests have been the top priority and each room is well equipped with all amenities to make you feel the maximum comfort, luxury and safety at LaTigre Resort Corbett.

How would you like to wake up in the morning?

to the breath taking views of Himalayas. to the gentle sound of the mighty Ramganga river. to the birds chirping by your window. to the excitement of spotting animals in the nearby Jim Corbett national park. looking forward to a relaxed and pampered day. Whatever your preference is, you will find it in our luxury villa resorts in the midst of Himalayas ~ LaTigre. Give your stress a break and welcome your senses! Come and have a wonderful time with us at LaTigre Luxury Villa Resort at Marchula, next to Jim Corbett National Park!

LaTigre Resort corbett


LaTigre the Villa resort has an array of splendid villas designed with perfection offering comfort and facilities in galore making it a station for a perfect vacation. The happiness of a planned vacation here at the LaTigre resort extends and becomes more elaborate with a plethora of creative activities, attractive kids play area, indoor games , a mini library and the luxurious swimming pool adding to the fun and recreation of the visitors making LaTigre the best family friendly resort catering to the need and demands of the visitors from the  youngest  of its visitors to the elderly ones and also it  nurtures the especially abled ones by providing the wheel chair facility  keenly attending to the comforts  of  all its esteemed visitors.

LaTigre the riverside resort in Corbett lends a beautiful view of the Ramganga River flowing with cheer and life the river is a source of joy and relaxation to the beholder filling the heart with love and exuberance. The river view rooms at LaTigre Resort provide a scenic view of the river bubbling with cheer and activity  during the day and flowing in deep serenity  in the silence of night filling the heart with joy in abundance.

LaTigre Resort corbett

Our Luxury Villas

The Premia Two Bedroom Villa

The Premia 2 bedroom villa offers an extravagant space with luxurious furnishings and attractive interiors for a lavish lifestyle. The villas enveloped by an endless mountain view provide a soulful rejuvenation to body and mind, the fireplace in the living room is the most thrilling feature of the villas. The sit-out area at the front renders a picturesque view and the area extending to the backyard is surrounded by verdant flora and the flow of the cheerful rivulet is a beautiful sight to behold. The room service is prompt and impressive. 

The Villa has - Two Bedroom, Two Washroom, One Living room with Sofa-cum bed, Sit Out area, kitchenette and Fireplace. 

The Imperia Two Bedroom Villa

The Imperia 2 bedroom villa features 2 spacious master bedrooms a well-crafted living room, comfortable living space and elegant furniture that add to the beauty and grace of the room. The Imperia rooms facing the Swimming Pool area provide a mesmerizing view when the first rays of the sun kiss the serene water of the pool and the view transforms magically at night with an endless gaze at the sky lit up with the moon and stars. The living room is well designed and the fireplace is a striking feature of the Imperia villas. The view of the rivulet and the lush green trees in the backyard enhances the beauty of the room. The room service is impeccable and regular.

The Villa has - Two Bedroom, Two Washroom, One Living room with Sofa-cum bed, Sit Out area, kitchenette and Fireplace. 

Presidential Suite

The Presidential Suite at LaTigre is crafted in sheer opulence and luxury. The suite is best designed for a lavish and comfortable stay, the spacious room with superior décor and furnishing imparts elegance and grace to the room and you rise to the full view of the Swimming Pool and mountains!

The room enjoys the privilege of premium services - 

The splendid hill view from the room, the sight of the canopy of trees from the backyard with the flow of the adjoining rivulet makes it a perfect room for a memorable and imperial stay.

The Villa has - Two Bedroom, Two Washroom, One Living room with Sofa-cum bed, Sit Out area, kitchenette and Fireplace.